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My History

I've always had a love for music and come from a musical family. My brother was a saxaphone player/vocalist for a band called "Vintage" back in the 1980's. I myself love to sing and was in a band as a lead male vocalist and did some studio work recording my own original songs. However DJing has always been a passion of mine and still love it to this day.

I started out in the early 80's with a popular DJ group called "Classe" and we were very popular in San Diego County. I then formed a partnership with fellow Classe DJ and good friend David Doane and formed a duo called "Concept". After that I went solo and have been solo ever since under my own DJ name, "DJ Jerson Andrade". DJing definitely is a passion of mine and I love a wide variety of genres and artists. I really love what I do and it shows.

My Philosophy

Simply put, "It's all about the client, not me." I always approach every wedding, corporate party or any event with the client and guests in mind. I "check my ego at the door" as they say. I always listen to the client and prepare the best I possibly can for them.

The bottom line is I want the client and guest to go away feeling they had a great time! That involves a lot of preparation with the bride, groom, coordinator, owner or whoever is in charge of the wedding or event. I always give signed clients top priority and return calls and emails as fast as I possibly can. Communication is important. Of course I also try to keep up with the latest hits on the radio and iTunes as well as maintain the best equipment and lighting possible. The happiness of the client and guests is my main focus!
I want the bride and groom, birthday gal or guy, party coordinator or whoever hired me to say they had the best time ever!